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Welcome to Udyama POS

Saxena Technologies India Pvt Ltd was established in Year 2016 as an IT Products, Services and Consulting initiative based on excellence. We are an enterprise based on hard work, quality and innovative service. We have been guided by the strength of our values. Today the traditional business models in the IT solution industry are no longer sufficient to satisfy the needs of clients who demand an ever more global, professional, flexible, fast and cost-effective service. That is why we have sought to stay ahead of the game, evolving through innovation and by developing software & Hardware that make us capable to optimize our processes and making us faster, more efficient and more precise.
STIPL’s main mission is to lead the field by providing top-quality services. We are able to achieve this thanks to the innovation present in all of our management processes, the recruitment and training of the best professionals. Our proximity to clients has allowed us to adapt to the multilingual needs of our clients in the markets where they do business.

Our company’s vision is to become a benchmark for excellence within the sector, to promote a business model based on quality, to make use of new technologies and to foster transparency and cooperation among different industry players. The fast changing technology and business conditions underline the need for a partner who not only provides IT services but the right guidance and ensure smooth implementation. A partner who has the necessary depth of knowledge and skills. Customer care is a prime consideration of our company,
Our aim is to provide a cost effective, top notch, professional service. It wouldn’t be right to work with no regard for the future, so at STIPL we strive to do business in a way that doesn’t compromise the welfare of future generations.

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